Welcome to the CocoaHeads of Minnesota

The Minnesota Chapter of the CocoaHeads User Group was founded in the Spring of 2008. Our group is a community gathering for people interested in developing software for the Apple devices. The group was formed with the goal of bringing like-minded developers together to share experiences, insights, and techniques. Our monthly meetings are a mix of informal and interactive presentations, hands on coding, and discussion.

We meet the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm at the offices of Thomson Reuters in Eagan, MN. (see map).

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October 2015

This month Paul Cantrell will be discussing his open source framework, Siesta:

Siesta (https://bustoutsolutions.github.io/siesta/) is a REST framework for iOS, recently promoted from internal library to open source project. It provides a resource-centric alternative to the more typical request-centric approach to consuming APIs. I’ll explain what that means, talk about the practical problems that motivated that abstraction, and give some examples of how nicely it plays out in practice.

Along the way, time permitting, I’ll highlight some of the nice things I encountered using Swift 2 for this project — and some of the places where the language still falls short.